An ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund, is an investment fund that tracks an index, like the JSE All Share Index.  Essentially ETFs are a “basket” of shares, rather than a single stock, so by buying ETFs investors are exposed to multiple companies while simply buying one share.

ETFs are traded much like stocks through the stock exchange, but because of their diversified nature they have lower risk and generally reduced volatility.

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By investing in CORESHARES ETFs you will have access to high quality ETFs at lower fees. Our goal at CORESHARES is to transform the way you invest by providing you with quality products to help build the foundations of your core investment portfolio.

By using CORESHARES you can:

  • Add balance to your portfolio
  • Build income potential over multiple asset classes
  • Gain exposure to a wide range of asset classes and markets
  • Trade or invest simply and easily
  • Save money with cost-effective products
  • Spread the risks attributed to individual companies or entire sectors
  • Use these building blocks for a strong and diversified portfolio
  • Get the returns of the underlying index

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CORESHARES recommends the Core-Satellite approach to investing.
Essentially this investment strategy involves investing in diversified, low-fee ETFs, such as CORESHARES Top50 or CORESHARES LowVoltrax, as a core portfolio and using alternative beta ETFs, such as CORESHARES Proptrax Ten, or actively managed funds as satellite portfolios.


CORESHARES ETFs are listed on the JSE which makes them very accessible. Investors can either choose their own portfolio of ETFs or seek advice from a certified financial adviser.

If you are a Private Investor:

You will need to invest in CORESHARES ETFs by using a

  • Registered Stockbroker
  • Online Share Trading Platform
  • Investment Platform like etfSA or Easy Equities (these platforms cater specifically for private investors)

If you are an IFA or Financial Service Provider:

You can access CORESHARES products through the following LISPs or platforms which cater to the IFA market and house ETFs:

  • iTransact
  • Momentum
  • Glacier (in conjunction with SPI)
  • Old Mutual (in conjunction with Old Mutual Private Client Securities)

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Segregated portfolio management

Segregated mandates are secured on the basis of an outsourced arrangement with Grindrod Asset Management.

ETF strategist & asset allocation research

The CORESHARES team researches, designs and manages ETF portfolios which can be used as asset allocation tools for financial advisors.

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