Located in Johannesburg, the heart of Africa’s financial industry, CoreShares is a leading passive investment manager.

CoreShares is an investment management company that specialises in index tracking investment solutions across Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Trusts as well as segregated mandates (for institutions). CoreShares believes in the power and simplicity of index investing.

Rules-based Investment

As a leading passive investment management business in Africa, CoreShares believes in the many benefits of following a rules based, index approach to investing. These benefits include keeping costs low as well as ensuring that portfolios are transparent and the construction of the portfolios is consistent and understood.

CoreShares has a particular focus on smart beta or alternatively weighted indexes. As our name would suggest, CoreShares believes in the core-satellite approach to investing. This means index investments form the foundation (or core element) of a portfolio with a long term view.

About Us

  • Company Structure

    CoreShares is owned by GFS Holdings Pty Ltd (GFS), RMI Investment Managers and OUTsurance Holdings Limited.

    GFS is an investment holding company owned by JSE listed Grindrod Limited Group. GFS holds various financial services assets and its affiliate companies include Grindrod Bank Limited and Grindrod Asset Management.

    RMI Investment Managers forms part of RMI Holdings (RMIH, a JSE listed company). RMIH holds material investments in Momentum (MMI), Discovery, and a controlling stake in OUTsurance. RMI Investment Manager’s investment in CoreShares forms part of its new RMI Affiliates model.

    *Known for their innovative and pioneering products, OUTsurance Holdings Limited is a member of, and 87% owned by Rand Merchant Investments Holdings Limited.
    *Subject to regulatory approval

Why CoreShares Is Different

CoreShares is a contemporary and independent passive investment management business. It is focused on passive investment principles and processes – investment strategies wrapped up in an index or rules based form. CoreShares offers these products and services at very competitive fees.

Investing with CoreShares is transparent and disciplined. Given the rules based nature of the funds, the client knows what is in the portfolio and can expect tight index tracking. Today, CoreShares offers a number of product types including: Exchange Traded Funds, Unit Trusts and Segregated fund services. ETFs, in particular, are an exciting new part of the savings product landscape. CoreShares has over 10,000 ETF clients.

Unlike in actively managed funds where a fund manager attempts to beat the market with various investment strategies and buying and selling decisions, CoreShares, through its rules based disciplines, approaches the market in a fundamentally different way.


Over the years the CoreShares team has been committed to putting their client’s needs first by constantly innovating, providing bespoke products and services, lower fees and a passion for the passive investment management industry Africa. Here are some highlights from our journey to date:

  • Grindrod Bank listed PrefTrax the first Preference share ETF on the JSE
  • Purchased PITM which managed the first and largest listed property ETFs in the SA market PropTrax SAPY (listed in 2007) and PropTrax Ten (listed in 2011)
  • Forged new partnership with S&P DJI (worlds largest index provider)
  • Listed two innovative smart beta ETFs based on S&P indices CoreShares LowVolTrax and CoreShares DivTrax
  • Name change to CoreShares
  • Amalgamation with Betta Beta (Nedbanks’ ETF business)
  • Listed S&P SA Top50 ETF
  • RMI & Yellowwoods take 50% stake in the CoreShares business
  • Appointed portfolio manager of Investment Solutions mulit-asset unit trust portfolios
  • Amalgamation with Betta Beta became effective
  • ETFs listed on 3 African Exchanges
  • CoreShares listed the first S&P 500 ETF on the JSE
  • Launch of CoreShares Online
  • Launch of OUTvest
  • OUTsurance acquires 25% stake in CoreShares
  • Launch of the CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi Factor Fund

Meet The Team

  • Gareth Stobie

    Managing Director

  • Chris Rule

    Head of Products and Client Solutions

  • Wion Flett

    Head of Investments, Risk and Manco Ops

  • Gregory Heyman

    Retail Specialist

  • Emelia Maharaj

    Operations Officer

  • Mandla Hendricks

    Mandla Hendricks

    Compliance Manager

  • Mxolisi Siwundla

    Product Analyst and Investors Relations

  • Yaron Zimbler

    JSE Sponsor & Advisor

  • Ryan Massey

    CoreShares Market Maker