CoreShares is one of Africa’s leading passive investment management businesses. We specialise in index-tracking investment solutions across Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Trusts and segregated mandates (for institutions).

CoreShares has blossomed from a ‘start up’ product offering to a fully-fledged medium sized investment manager with over R10billion under management. Thanks to our strong corporate backing we have been able to invest in dynamic people and best in class systems to deliver strong financial products and outcomes.

At CoreShares we are striving to perfect a passive investment approach which is derived from studying all the evidence available and interpreting our learnings scientifically into strategies we feel certain will yield the best and most reliable returns for our clients and their clients in turn.

Furthermore, as our planet faces key environmental risks and sustainability challenges, we also continue to build our own response to these issues through an active stewardship model incorporating many key tenets of ESG.

We also understand the importance of transformation and inclusivity within South Africa – CoreShares is a level 4 BEE contributor.

We understand better than others that it is not about rands and cents alone but something far more important: that priceless sense of freedom. That in the future you should be free from worry. To do the things you’ve longed to do. To be independent. To be generous.

Providing investors with this sense of freedom is at the heart of what we do at CoreShares, and our team shares this common purpose.

Get to know the CoreShares management and culture

Our Shareholders

RMI Investment Managers forms part of RMI Holdings (RMIH, a JSE listed company). RMIH holds material investments in Momentum (MMI), Discovery, and a controlling stake in OUTsurance. RMI Investment Manager’s investment in CoreShares forms part of its new RMI Affiliates model.

GFSH is an investment holding company owned by JSE listed Grindrod Limited. GFS owns a wide variety of private equity positions in listed and unlisted companies including investments into CoreShares and Bridge Fund Managers.

Known for their innovative and pioneering products, OUTsurance Holdings Limited is a member of, and 87% owned by Rand Merchant Investments Holdings Limited.

Evidenced-Based Investment (EBI) Philosophy

CoreShares has adopted an Evidence-Based Investment philosophy. Evidence-Based Investing is essentially about basing investment decisions on peer-reviewed, time-tested, academic evidence. By applying scientific methods and behavioral economics to investing,  biases and gut feelings are replaced with intellectual rigour.

At CoreShares we harness the evidence underpinning:

  • Asset class returns over time
  • Importance of keeping costs low
  • Importance of diversification
  • Existence of factors or risk premia which exist particularly in the equity market.

We believe that an EBI process drives more predictable outcome for clients.


We’ve come a long way since we launched our first ETF in 2012, constantly learning, evolving and changing to ensure that we build a remarkable passive investment business. Here are some highlights from along the way:
Grindrod Bank listed PrefTrax the first Preference share ETF on the JSE
Purchased PITM which managed the first and largest listed property ETFs in the SA market PropTrax SAPY (listed in 2007) and PropTrax Ten (listed in 2011)
Forged new partnership with S&P DJI (worlds largest index provider)Listed two innovative smart beta ETFs based on S&P indices CoreShares LowVolTrax and CoreShares DivTrax
Name change to CoreSharesName change to Amalgamation with Betta Beta (Nedbanks’ ETF business)Listed S&P SA Top50 ETFRMI & Yellowwoods take 50% stake in the CoreShares business
Appointed portfolio manager of Investment Solutions mulit-asset unit trust portfoliosAmalgamation with Betta Beta became effectiveETFs listed on 3 African ExchangesCoreShares listed the first S&P 500 ETF on the JSE
Launch of OUTvestOUTsurance acquires 25% stake in CoreSharesLaunch of the CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi Factor Fund
Won inaugural SALTA award for most assets raised in local equity ETF (Top50)Listed Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF Launched ACWI CIS FundGroup assets > R4 billion
Launched ‘goals based’ multi-asset funds Group assets > R5.8 Billion
Group assets > R7.9 billion
Group assets > R10 billionLaunched CoreShares Total World ETF

Meet the Team

Gareth Stobie
Chris Rule
Wion Flett
Emelia Maharaj
Mandla Hendricks
Sibusiso Mela
Michelle Noth
Stuart Wocke
Zizipho Pae
Tshwanetse Manaise
01 / 10 Managing Director Gareth Stobie
“If you are interested in something, no matter what, go at it full speed ahead” — Roald Dahl
02 / 10 Head of Products and Client Solutions Chris Rule
“It is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts.” — Sherlock Holmes
03 / 10 Head of Investments, Risk and Manco Ops Wion Flett
“You will be much more in control, if you realize how much you are not in control.” — Benjamin Graham
04 / 10 Head: Finance and Operations Emelia Maharaj
“Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound” — Carolina Herrera
05 / 10 Compliance Manager Mandla Hendricks
“Relativity applies to physics, not ethics.” — Albert Einstein
06 / 10 Manco Administrator Sibusiso Mela
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” — Maya Angelou
07 / 10 Client Coverage Executive Michelle Noth
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” — Winston Churchill
08 / 10 Portfolio Manager Stuart Wocke
09 / 10 Investment and Research Analyst Zizipho Pae
“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success.” — Maxwell Maltz
10 / 10 Portfolio and Office Administration Tshwanetse Manaise
“Don't count the days. Make the days count.” — Muhammad Ali