How We Partner with Advisors

At CoreShares, we believe that advisors play a multi-faceted role, from tax advice to withdrawal strategies and behavioural coaching, to name but a few. For example, helping investors to “stay the course”, and not panic-sell during volatile periods, adds significant value to an investor’s total return in the long term. That is why we believe that advisors should retain their margin and keep delivering a high quality, professional service in this way. Cutting fund fees is a simple and effective way to improve the investor’s bottom line, while you, the advisor, retain your well-deserved margin.

You can bring more certainty to retirement planning by minimising the moving parts and using evidence-based investing principles to meet your client’s investment goals mechanically, with greater certainty.

Our CoreShares Wealth Accumulation and Stable Income Funds

We have built two multi-asset funds focused on the two stages of life, pre-retirement (accumulation) and post-retirement (decumulation or income-centric). Our CoreShares Wealth Accumulation and Stable Income funds are multi-asset portfolios incorporating an Evidence-Based Investment philosophy (EBI) and are designed to give you and your clients the most predictable outcome relative to their goals. They are made up of a blend of vanilla index strategies, smart beta and even some active fixed income guided by a strategic asset allocation. They are low cost and well diversified.


Invest in CoreShares Funds

We work with many distribution partners to ensure that our investors have a good experience when buying or selling CoreShares funds. For your convenience, please click on the button below to find a list featuring some of our most active distribution partners.

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