For fund of funds, multi-managers & DFMs

Building a low-cost core

For your clients who want to simply track major benchmarks via a low cost, rules-based index. These products offer traditional market cap weighted benchmarks representing major asset classes. Straightforward. Transparent.

For IFAs & wealth managers

Investing for outcomes

We have built two multi-asset funds focused on the two stages of life, pre-retirement (accumulation) and post-retirement (decumulation or income centric). Our CoreShares Wealth Accumulation fund and our CoreShares Stable Income fund are multi-asset portfolios incorporating an Evidence-Based Investment philosophy (EBI) and are designed to give you the most predictable outcome relative to your goal.

They are made up of a blend of vanilla index strategies, smart beta and even some active fixed income guided by a strategic asset allocation. They are low cost and well diversified.

For private client securities & stockbrokers

Unique market exposures

If you’re a wealth manager or stockbroker aiming to augment your model portfolios with ETFs offering unique exposures to global or specialist markets, we have various JSE-listed ETFs to support this approach.

Download our stockbroking summary sheet to find out about tickers, market making, liquidity, index details and more.

For consultants, fund of funds, multi-managers & DFMs

Multi-factor: an active replacement strategy

Together with EDHEC Risk Institute Scientific Beta, we developed a multi-factor index for the South African equity market. With over 40 billion USD tracking its factor indexes, ERI Scientific Beta is a global leader in this field.

EDHEC-Risk Institute set up ERI Scientific Beta to promote the investment industry’s use of the latest advances in smart beta design and implementation. In the best possible economic conditions, the index offers the most scientifically proven smart beta solutions, with full transparency of the methods and associated risks.

Your clients gain:

  • Exposure to long-term rewarded risk factors
  • Good rewards for these factors through effective diversification of unrewarded risk
  • Guaranteed sound risk management of their investment through risk allocation

CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi-Factor Index Fund represents the performance of Johannesburg-listed large and medium capitalisation companies from the Extended South Africa universe. It does this while outperforming the capitalisation-weighted reference (the Scientific Beta CoreShares South-Africa Cap-Weighted Index for this universe), with limited relative risk against that reference.

For consultants & multi-managers

Segregated mandates

Aside from the index portfolios which we operate in product form, CoreShares also runs other segregated index mandates based on specific client needs or requests.

For our institutional clients with bigger mandates, we draw on our good relationships with FTSE/JSE, S&PDJI, MSCI and Scientific Beta.

We are also able to cater for a broad range of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) requirements.

For Trustees

Trustee Centre

Download our PDF with information for Trustees.