Fund Summary

Invest in quality local (JSE) companies with a solid track record of paying their dividends. This ETF is part of our equity income range, and tracks the S&P South Africa Dividend Aristocrats Index. This index represents companies that have increased or maintained stable dividends for the past seven years running. A company that fails to pay a dividend is excluded from the index when the index is reviewed.

Benefits to Investors


Shares included in the ETF have a reliable track record, providing consistent income to investors. Looks at actual dividends rather than dividend yields.


Generally companies that pay out consistent dividends are seen to have better fundamentals

ETF Details

Share code DIVTRX
Current price / NAV
Fund size R 140 049 149.51
Index value 2281.24
Distributable amount -0.53c
Market maker Sanlam Private Wealth (SPW)
TER 0.54%

General Fund Details

Classification South African – Equity – General
Benchmark S&P South Africa Dividend Aristocrats Index
Distribution dates March, June, September, December
Asset manager CoreShares Asset Management
Trustee Absa Bank Limited
Auditor Deloitte
Risk profile Aggressive (5/5)

CoreShares Divtrax ETF NAV Prices

ETF Fund Holdings

Share CodeShare Name Weight (%)
FSRFirstrand Ltd7.9%
NEDNedbank Group Ltd7.8%
ARIAfrican Rainbow Minerals Ltd7.1%
KIOKumba Iron Ore Ltd7.0%
BVTThe Bidvest Group Ltd7.0%
SLMSanlam Ltd6.9%
BHPBHP Group Plc6.5%
BIDBid Corporation Ltd6.4%
EXXExxaro Resources Ltd6.4%
REMRemgro Ltd6.3%
VODVodacom Group Limited5.9%
PRXProsus NV5.8%
NPNNaspers Ltd - N Shares5.7%
BTIBritish American Tobacco Plc5.6%
LBHLiberty Holdings Ltd2.6%
JSEJSE Ltd1.4%
SNTSantam Ltd1.1%
KAPKap Industrials Holdings Limited0.5%
Fund weightings ending 31 December 2020

ETF Fund Distributions

Quarter Ended Cents Per Unit (CPU)
September 2020 17.31
June 2020 46.18
March 2020 22.02
December 2019 12.23
September 2019 31.24
June 2019 30.62
March 2019 24.25
December 2018 17.24
September 2018 26.75
June 2018 17.03
March 2018 20.14
December 2017 24.90
September 2017 22.15
June 2017 12.16
March 2017 33.85
December 2016 15.09
September 2016 27.8
June 2016 16.52
March 2016 29.66
December 2015 16.01
September 2015 27.26
June 2015 29.33
March 2015 35.75
December 2014 19.57
September 2014 19.44
June 2014 7.84
All distributions are gross distributions (before dividends withholdings tax)