Fund Summary

This ETF tracks the performance of the FTSE/JSE Preference Share Index and is part of our equity income range It is useful within a diversified income strategy particularily for high tax payers as it pays a dividend and not income.

Benefits to Investors


Preference shares pay a tax efficient dividend yield


The dividend is generally higher than general equity. Dividends are contractual and calculated as a percentage of the prime lending rate

ETF Details

Current price / NAV
Fund sizeR 337 182 014.01
Index value904.15
Distributable amount-0.29c
Launch date28 March 2012
Shares in issue36 142 650
Last 12 month distributions84.31
Share codePREFTX
Listing priceR 10.87
Market makerSanlam Private Wealth (SPW)

General Fund Details

ClassificationSouth African - Equity - Unclassified
BenchmarkFTSE/JSE Preference Share Index (J251)
Distribution datesMarch, June, September, December
Asset managerCoreShares Asset Management
TrusteeSociété Générale Johannesburg Branch
Risk profileConservative (2/5)

CoreShares Preftrax ETF NAV Prices

ETF Fund Distributions

Quarter EndedCents Per Unit (CPU)
June 201923.45
March 201916.63
December 20189.27
September 201835.34
June 201823.27
March 201817.43
December 201714.64
September 201728.22
June 201718.53
March 201725.83
December 201611.29
September 201633.72
June 201616.35
March 201624.42
December 201512.12
September 201526.5
June 201518.19
March 201519.27
December 201411.97
September 201424.77
June 201424.79
March 201411.37
December 20136.46
November 201315.4
August 201324.38
May 201321.87
February 201312.35
November 201220.28
August 201215.6
May 20123.13
All distributions are gross distributions (before dividends withholdings tax)
All distributions made prior to December 2013 relate to PrefEx
December 2013: Special distribution relating to the conversion of PrefEx into a portfolio of a collective investment scheme