Fund Summary

The fund tracks the SA Property Income Index (a custom index calculated independently by the S&P Dow Jones Indices). The SA Property Income Index is designed to measure the performance of large South African Listed Property Companies with an emphasis on higher yielding companies.

Benefits to Investors


Investors can be reassured as this security is ultimately backed up by bricks and mortar


This ETF offers broad exposure and access to the South African property market which can be seen as an inflationary hedge investment.


The income received by property companies is paid out as income to investors quarterly, and the income is generally higher than equity

ETF Details

Share code CSPROP
Current price / NAV
Fund size R 268 090 849.59
Index value 60.24
Distributable amount 17.36c
Market maker Sanlam Private Wealth (SPW)
TER 0.46%* (The TER is an expected figure, once the fund reaches a one year track record, the actual figure will be published)

General Fund Details

Classification South African – Real Estate – General
Benchmark SA Property Income Index
Distribution dates March, June, September, December
Asset manager CoreShares Asset Management
Trustee Absa Bank Limited
Auditor Deloitte
Risk profile Aggressive (5/5)

CoreShares South Africa Property Income ETF NAV Prices

ETF Fund Holdings

5/31/2021GRTGrowthpoint Properties Ltd7.47%
5/31/2021EMIEmira Property Fund Limited6.29%
5/31/2021SACSA Corporate Real Estate Fund5.95%
5/31/2021RDFRedefine Properties Limited5.88%
5/31/2021NRPNepi Rockcastle PLC5.78%
5/31/2021LTELighthouse Capital Limited5.73%
5/31/2021VKEVukile Property Fund Ltd5.53%
5/31/2021FFBFortress Reit Limited B5.41%
5/31/2021HMNHammerson Plc4.97%
5/31/2021IPFInvestec Property Fund Limited4.96%
5/31/2021RESResilient REIT Limited4.94%
5/31/2021EPPEcho Polska Properties NV4.72%
5/31/2021FFAFortress Reit Limited A4.41%
5/31/2021ATTAttacq Limited4.21%
5/31/2021MSPMAS Real Estate Inc3.85%
5/31/2021IAPIrongate Group3.84%
5/31/2021EQUEquites Property Fund Limited3.61%
5/31/2021HYPHyprop Investments Ltd3.53%
5/31/2021SSSStor-age Property Reit Ltd3.28%
5/31/2021SRESirius Real Estate Ltd3.06%
5/31/2021CCOCapital and Countries Properties Plc2.59%
Fund weightings ending 31 May 2021

ETF Fund Distributions

Quarter Ended Cents Per Unit (CPU)
March 2021 9.10
December 2020 14.54
September 2020 4.10
June 2020 5.87
March 2020 20.08
December 2019 25.45
All distributions are gross distributions (before dividends withholdings tax)