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Fund NameIndex / BenchmarkCategoryTickerStructureFactsheet(s)
CoreShares Top50
CoreShares Top50S&P South Africa 50 IndexCore / LocalCTOP50ETF / Unit Trust
Learn More
CoreShares S&P 500
CoreShares S&P 500S&P 500® IndexCore / InternationalCSP500ETFDownloadLearn More
CoreShares S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats
CoreShares S&P Global Dividend AristocratsS&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Blend Index (Custom)Equity Income / InternationalGLODIVETFDownloadLearn More
CoreShares Divtrax
CoreShares DivtraxS&P South Africa Dividend Aristocrats IndexEquity Income / LocalDIVTRXETFDownloadLearn More
CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi-Factor Index Fund
CoreShares Scientific Beta Multi-Factor Index FundScientific Beta CS South Africa 6F-EW IndexLocal / Smart BetaSMARTETF / Unit Trust
Learn More
CoreShares MSCI ACWI Fund of Funds
CoreShares MSCI ACWI Fund of FundsMSCI All Country World IndexCore / InternationalN/AUnit TrustDownloadLearn More
Listed Property
CoreShares S&P Global Property
CoreShares S&P Global PropertyS&P Global Property 40 IndexCore / InternationalGLPROPETFDownloadLearn More
CoreShares South Africa Property Income
CoreShares South Africa Property IncomeSA Property Income IndexLocal / Smart BetaCSPROPETFDownloadLearn More
Fixed Income
CoreShares Preftrax
CoreShares PreftraxFTSE/JSE Preference Share Index (J251)Equity Income / Fixed IncomePREFTXETFDownloadLearn More
CoreShares Wealth Accumulation Fund
CoreShares Stable Income Fund
CoreShares Stable Income FundCPI + 3%Multi-assetN/AUnit TrustDownloadLearn More

Core 'Bulk Beta' (Core)

Get exposure to simple market cap-weighted indexes both locally and globally at low cost. We’ll match the holdings and returns of major local and global benchmarks and asset classes. Consider these products to construct the core of your core/satellite portfolio.

Smart Beta

Factor investing filters the market to extract shares with certain risk characteristics. This helps to improve diversification as well as the risk/reward trade off. Our flagship “Multi-Factor Strategy” enables one to invest all the factors within one strategy.


Invest in bricks and mortar by tracking local and international listed property indexes.

Equity Income

Earn income from stock dividends by adopting an equity income focused strategy. Our S&P Dividend Aristocrat© range and preference share product do just that.


Get global index exposure without the necessity of physically externalising currency. Invest in major global benchmarks.


Build up wealth across a mix of asset classes in anticipation of retirement, as well as investing for income post retirement. Our outcomes-based multi-asset funds are purpose-built with the life stages of a client in mind.