Why CoreShares?

Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, our goal at CoreShares is to transform the way you invest. We do this by bringing you a range of smart products to help build your investment portfolio.

Use CoreShares products to:

  • Build a diversified investment portfolio
  • Gain exposure to various investment strategies
  • Enjoy lower portfolio fees with our cost-effective products
  • Have complete visibility of exactly what’s in your ETF or Index fund
  • Invest a lump sum of money or set up a monthly debit order
  • Save with funds that suit your risk profile and investment preferences.

Educational Resources to get you started

Looking for a complete, outcomes-based retirement solution?

Allow us to introduce the CoreShares Multi-Assets funds:

The CoreShares Wealth Accumulation Fund is primarily aimed at investors with at least 5 years left to retirement (or investors that are in the wealth accumulation phase of life). Find out more.

The CoreShares Stable Income Fund is positioned for someone transitioning into retirement, or already in retirement, and living off their investments (in the decumulation, or income-centric phase of life). Find out more.

We invite you to watch a webinar which introduces these innovative funds and explains how Evidence-Based Investing principles can help improve outcomes for investors.

Looking to make your own investment decisions?

In this two-part webinar series we begin by discussing ETF investing. You will learn how using ETFs in your portfolio can reduce risks and improve your chances of successful investing. In the second webinar, we unpack some of the Global Equity and Property exposures trading on the JSE and discuss how to use these in constructing a diversified and efficient global portfolio.

Our full ETF range is available on our funds page.

Qualifying Tax-free Savings Investments

By law you’re allowed to invest in our range of CoreShares ETFs and Funds using your tax-free savings account, bringing you significant tax savings over time. Every year you can invest up to R36,000 or R500,000 (held with a regulated third party tax-free savings account administrator) over the course of your lifetime. Tax-free.

Maximise your returns and be free of taxes that are usually part of investing, such as:

  • Capital gains tax
  • Securities transfer tax
  • Dividend withholding tax
  • Interest tax
  • Income tax

You can make these investments monthly or as a once off.


Evidence-based investment philosophy

CoreShares follows an evidence-based investment philosophy. This means placing more focus on the facts and the science of investing and less focus on unanswerable questions such as trying to predict future market trends or events.

Some of the key aspects of this approach include:

  • Acknowledging that index funds tend to outperform the vast majority of actively managed funds
  • That asset allocation (and not alpha) drives the vast majority of client returns
  • A systematic, goals based approach to investing that aims to minimise the moving parts when striving to meet an investment goal
  • Low cost funds have a much better chance of out-performing high cost funds
  • Diversification is key way of lowering risk whilst retaining return expectations

Invest in CoreShares Funds Online

We work with many distribution partners to ensure that our investors have a good experience when buying or selling CoreShares funds. For your convenience, please click on the button below to find a list featuring some of our most active distribution partners.