Building resilient retirement portfolios

CoreShares is one of Africa’s leading passive investment management businesses. We specialise in index-tracking investment solutions across Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Unit Trusts and segregated mandates (for institutions). We understand better than others that it is not about rands and cents alone but something far more important: that priceless...

Passive Investing and indexing basics

Hosted by Asset TV South Africa’s Chloe Mulder, the panel with Michelle Noth and other industry experts discussed passive investing: what it is, who it is for and what the role of passive investing has in investors’ portfolios.
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Introducing the CoreShares Top 50

Invest in the 50 biggest JSE-listed companies in one basket with the CoreShares Top 50. It means your investment is spread across 50 companies, and in addition to this, we ensure that no single share exceeds 10% of the portfolio.

Growth assets drive outperformance

CoreShares offers two multi-asset funds, namely the CoreShares Wealth Accumulation Fund (which falls into the ASISA High Equity category and targets CPI+5%) and the CoreShares Stable Income Fund (which falls into the ASISA low equity category and targets CPI+3%). In this report we look at the events of 2021 and assess...

Leave some for the honey badger

Renowned storyteller, Michael Charton, returns to enthral us with his spellbinding new tale, “Leave Some For The Honey Badger”.

ESG investing: Taking the passive versus active debate to a new arena

Investment strategies focused on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) metrics have risen to prominence over the past decade. Globally, investors are aligning their portfolios with their ESG beliefs. While South Africa has lagged this trend to some extent, ESG investing is taking hold as investors look to bolster their...