Introduction to ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have surged in popularity since they were first introduced in the 1990s. In a recent webinar hosted by CoreShares and EasyEquities, we explained how these instruments work, and why they are giving traditional fund managers a run for their money.

The changing role of the financial advisor

The role of the financial advisor has changed dramatically in recent years due to the proliferation of investment products and downward pressure on fees. To set themselves apart in this new landscape, financial advisors are increasingly employing low-cost passive investment products alongside the expertise of discretionary fund managers as they...

Why active and passive strategies are complementary in a portfolio

Active and passive strategies play highly complementary roles in a well-constructed investment portfolio that aims to deliver strong returns over the long run. In a recent webinar, CoreShares MD Gareth Stobie discussed the benefits of blended portfolios with Victoria Reuvers, Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Morningstar Investment Management South...

What’s your win rate?

In the world of sports, a ‘win rate’ is a common way to compare teams or coaches over different periods. For instance, one could compare Rassie Erasmus’ coaching tenure to Heyneke Meyer’s, or the Springboks to the All Blacks, by looking at their respective win rates – a simple calculation...
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Investor behaviour trends in 2020 – what did we learn?

Taking this opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been an exceptionally challenging year in so many ways, we’d like to unpack some of the trends we have identified in investment behaviour. We’ll focus on some common mistakes that erode value and discuss the tools at our...