Tactical Asset Allocation: Getting it right for next year

Investors face a constant folly – that of predicting the following year’s returns. Too often, investors obsess over trying to predict next year’s winner – even as the evidence shows that making short-term predictions is impossible.

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Understanding the CoreShares S&P 500 ETF

For investors in a market with only 153 listed companies, access to an index tracker that gives one instant access to 500 companies is a boon indeed. When that tracker costs only 0.39% of your investment—as the CoreShares S&P 500 (share code: CSP500) does—all the better.

ETF: Same index, different price?

There are a number of ETFs listed on the JSE that all track the same index. However, when you check the price of two ETFs that track the same index after the market has closed, sometimes they don’t cost the same. How could this be?