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Trust from Experts Is the Best Kind of Trust

We’re excited to have been chosen by Boutique Investment Partners to implement and manage the index exposures within an innovative new range of low-cost, passive and factor-based Multi-Asset funds, the Select BCI Range. It speaks volumes about our approach and the expert’s view of it.
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Investor behaviour trends in 2020 – what did we learn?

Taking this opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been an exceptionally challenging year in so many ways, we’d like to unpack some of the trends we have identified in investment behaviour. We’ll focus on some common mistakes that erode value and discuss the tools at our...
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Tax Efficient Income

Investors have had a love-hate relationship with the listed preference share market since the asset class first emerged in the mid-2000s. Initially the preference share market traded at an attractive premium to listing prices, however, this was followed by a downward trend towards their current, deeply discounted level.