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Rules-based investment offerings for the professional investor.

CoreShares is a leading African passive investment management business.

We believe in a simple, rules-based index approach which is both smart and intuitive. This allows for greater transparency and also provides a clear governance structure – both resulting in a better client experience and clearer management structures. Of course being low cost is at the heart of our offering and the broader passive revolution.


Coreshares focuses on rules based, investments which are low cost, efficient and transparent. CoreShares offers passive unit trusts and segregated portfolio services directed at financial advisors, multi-managers and institutions


ERI Scientific Beta's multi-factor indices and solutions are representative of a double diversification approach to factor investing that not only blends multiple sources of factor performance but also ensures that factor premia are efficiently and robustly harvested by applying diversification weighting to stock selections that establish exposure to independently validated factors.

The key principles of ERI Scientific Beta's investment philosophy are:

Offering exposure to long-term rewarded risk factors

Ensuring a good reward for these factors through good diversification of unrewarded risk

Guaranteeing sound risk management of the investment by implementing risk allocation


CoreShares manages index portfolios on behalf of other investment companies, pension funds and institutions. These arrangements are structured on a case-by-case basis. CoreShares prides itself on its strict tracking abilities and high levels of service. CoreShares believes that it has a crucial role to play in developing the local passive market, and to this end we adopt a partnership model with our clients – flexible pricing and high servicing standards. As experts in the field of indexing, particularly factor-based indexes or Smart Beta, CoreShares is able to guide and ‘consult’ to larger investors as to which may be the best index construct for their particular needs.


CoreShares is an authorised financial services provider (FSP) with both a Category I & Category II license with the FSB. The business boasts an experienced team of professionals that oversee investment processes.

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