Give a gift that keeps on giving – shares in the world’s best companies. Buy a voucher on CoreShares Online.

Instead of making money for Amazon – make money off Amazon. Or buy Nikes that will be cool for longer than a season.

By giving someone shares in the S&P 500, you’ll be giving them ownership of some of the world’s best brands, basically making you the world’s best friend (or parent!).

How it Works

  1. Fill in your details below (so we can get in touch)
  2. Fill in the details of the people you’d like to give the voucher to (so we can let them know)
  3. We’ll send them a mail with a voucher and instructions of how to start investing
  4. Once they’ve issued the investment instruction, we’ll call you with instructions of how to make payment so that the investment can be completed
  5. You get invited to hang out with your friend to say thanks for kick-starting their financial success
  6. You’re welcome

Buy a Voucher

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